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Parent Hub

Support your child to reach their potential

The HSC is a big year for both students and parents, so we’ve put together some free resources to help you navigate the journey ahead!

Live Events

These free face-to-face and online events let you access our experts directly.

  • In November, come along to Ace the HSC to hear how you and your child can prepare for HSC success
  • Our HSC Connect webinars let you talk to our experts from the comfort of your own home

Here's what previous parents have said about us:

  • "I just wanted to give you some feedback about the HSC coaching in the Holidays. My daughter, Sheridan, attended 4 sessions and found them enjoyable and helpful (rare for her to praise anything like that, usually she would say things were a waste of time). When it came time for her exams she said that she used information and techniques taught and found them very useful.She did not score at all well in her trials and school assessments so went into the HSC exams with nothing at all to fall back on, so was not hopeful of a good result or getting into the university course that she wanted. But she obtained 5 x band 5 and 1 x band 4 and a UAI of 81.35 !!! Well above the UAI that she required. Naturally she (and we) are absolutely stoked and proud. Sheridan put in a huge effort preparing for the HSC exam, but we are in no doubt that the coaching sessions went a long way in assisting her. I would have no hesitation in recommending your college". Thanks again Anne Apter.
    Anne Apter
  • "My daughter Primrose attended 4 of your HSC courses last year and I think they made a huge difference in her HSC as she had offers from 2 unis and is studying Nursing at Notre Dame Darlinghurst. Very well done!!!!! Thank you very much and I am going to recommend you to others". Kind Regards, Claudia Rodley.
    Claudia Rodley
  • Dear Kathryn, My son, Jake attended HSC in the Holidays. We are really happy with his results. He should get into Engineering at UTS. His ATAR is effectively 90.6. He has also managed to get a cadetship with the RTA. Thank you so much. Robyn Jordan
    Robyn Jordan
  • "Thank you for all the help with the seminars in October. The courses helped Adam's motivation levels and confidence immensely. As a result, his HSC marks far surpassed what he was expecting to get following his Trial exams". Thanks again, Kerrie Watson.
    Kerrie Watson

Here are some questions that are always asked of us!

  • Who has created these parent resources

    All of the guides and information attached to this page has been created by qualified counsellors and highly experienced HSC teachers.  All resources have been written to take into account the latest in educational research on how parents can support their children.

  • Can I share these guides and/or information with other parents?

    Yes, definitely! We are more than happy for you to share this information with whoever you believe would benefit from this information.

  • What student groups do you work with?

    Most of our programs are focused on students who are completing their HSC (mostly Year 12, but some Year 10 & 11).  We have found that this is the time that students require the highest level of support and assistance.

  • Are there other discussion groups or forums that you would recommend to parents?

    There is an excellent HSC Parent Discussion group that we highly recommend!

  • How can I get into contact with you to seek further information?

    You are welcome to call us anytime on 1300 677 336 or send an email to [email protected]