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Connecting you with senior teachers and HSC exam markers

  • The most experienced teachers in NSW
  • Interactive and small-group online sessions
  • Personalised help in all major subjects
  • Proven to help you unlock your potential

Get the support you need
to achieve your best

In these fortnightly sessions held from 7:30pm-9pm, you can access the most qualified, experienced and passionate teachers in the state.
From the comfort of your own home, learn and revise key syllabus content, access exclusive HSC resources, practice exam-style questions, and ask our experts for help on anything you are unsure of.

Our HSC Connect Subjects

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Economics (beginning in 2020)
  • English (Advanced & Standard)
  • Mathematics (Standard, Advanced, Ext. 1)
  • Physics

How our online tutoring works

  • Enrol in your subjects through the dates below
  • Complete a quick form to let us know your learning level
  • Receive login instructions and details via email & SMS
  • Join your virtual classroom and learn from an HSC expert!

Term 1 2020 Timetable - Choose one time for each session

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We are so confident that you will benefit from participation in this program, we offer a full money-back guarantee!

Simply enrol and if you don't see the value, contact us and we will refund your payment in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment/software do I need to participate?

    There is no special software or equipment required to participate in our online tutoring sessions. All you will need is a laptop/computer with a camera and internet access.  Prior to your first session, we will prompt you to download the free zoom player as all sessions are interactive an in real time.

  • How much does each session cost?

    The price for each interactive tutoring session is just $40

  • How long does each session run for?

    We start at 7:30pm and will be finished by 9pm (1.5 hours). Video recordings will be available for 5 days following each session.

  • What does a normal session look like?

    While each subject has slight differences, a normal 1.5 hour tutoring session looks like this:

    7:30pm-8pm: Students submitting individual questions/answers and covering the answer/explanation from the previous fortnight’s session

    8pm-8:45pm: Covering a key part of the syllabus – Teachers sharing screens/presentations, etc.

    8:45pm-9pm: Questions on the content presented and sharing a new task/activity for the next fortnight

  • How can I receive personalised assistance?

    As these are live sessions, you can ask questions in the following ways:

    1. Putting up your (virtual) hand and asking via your audio/video
    2. Submitting your question via our Q&A feature
    3. Through the chat function
  • What if I am sick or away from my session?

    A recording will be available to you to view for the 5 days following each session

  • Will I receive notes/resources as part of this program?

    Yes, absolutely! You will be given access to exclusive content and resources: all written by our Senior Markers.

  • What if I am not currently studying the module that is being taught?

    A really valuable strategy that high-achieving HSC students use is pre learning.  While we have mapped out our scope and sequence based on what most schools do, we know that some schools cover modules/topics in different order.

    However, all of the materials covered will be assessed at some stage during the year, so it’s an excellent idea to have an understanding of key course materials before being taught these at school. This will give you a chance to consolidate, then extend your knowledge, understanding and skills to a much more advanced level.

  • How will you account for the different texts studied by students?

    At the marking centre, we have to mark across multiple texts, so we know all of these very well.

    Whilst we will be teaching subject content, much of what we will do is to provide explicit skills in using the information taught to respond to questions and gain insight into how to construct responses.

  • How will you know the level of achievement by each student?

    All new students will be asked to complete a simple assessment form that will give us an understanding of your current level of ability, strengths and weaknesses.

    We will then use this information to place students into the correct achievement level to work with students at their appropriate level.

  • What are the main goals of this program?

    This program has been created to achieve the following aims:

    • Support individual student needs
    • Extend and enrich knowledge and understanding
    • Allow students to receive feedback on their work
  • How effective is online tutoring compared to face-to-face?

    While both have their advantages, the key features of online tutoring is:

    • No travel time (and security issues)
    • All sessions allow for personalised learning
    • Progress can be tracked and materials/resources easily provided
    • Recordings of each session can be viewed as a valuable revision tool