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Focused HSC

Sit with expert HSC teachers and exam markers in the lead-up to the final exams

For the last 14 years, our focused workshops have helped tens of thousands of students just like you improve their results in the final exams. These workshops are held across 22 of the largest HSC subjects.
As each exam is worth 50% of your final mark, we can provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve your potential in these vital exams.


Workshop Features

Each subject-specific workshop will allow you to:

  • Receive personalised help with the most qualified and passionate HSC teachers/markers
  • Comprehensively address key content within each topic/module
  • Improve your exam skills by practising, and receive feedback, across a range of potential exam questions

Students who work with us achieve an average improvement of 17%


Our Teachers

The secret of our workshop success lies in the expertise, experience and passion of our teachers. Here is a sample of who you will have a chance to work with to get the marks you want:
  • Dr Bruce Dennett

    Modern History
    Phd, B.A; M.Ed; Dip. Ed; MACE

    With over 45 year’s teaching experience, Bruce is the author of 11 textbooks and the recipient of 3 NSW Premier’s History scholarships. He has been a member of the NSW History Syllabus writing committee and has fulfilled the role of Senior Marker and Supervisor of Marking.

  • Nikki McDonald

    M.Ed, B.Ed

    Over 20 years experience as a Senior/Head Teacher across Independent, Catholic and Government schools, Nikki is currently Head Teacher (Science) at Kambala. She was recently awarded the Premier's Award for Innovation in Science Teaching has extensive HSC marking experience.

  • Neil Kusi-Appauh

    B.SC, B.Economics, Grad. Dip. Education

    Neil has had over 30 years experience as Teacher/Head Teacher of Legal Studies. He is an accomplished university lecturer, has published multiple Legal Studies textbooks and recently held the position of Supervisor of Marking. Neil is also a reviewer on the Independent Schools Legal Studies committee.

What our students have to say

  • "I really loved having the resources and study notes available - at the start of the course they were so useful when I needed to get a better understanding of the material, then later on they were able to help me work out how to cut down copious notes! The resources were definitely something I'd recommend and they were very useful for studying."
  • "My experience was amazing.  I had access to not only exceptional workshops with expert teachers but as well to highly-detailed and relevant study notes and materials.  I believe this program played a crucial role in my achievement.  I recommend to all HSC students!"
    Ashleigh | Mt St Benedict’s College | ATAR: 96.55
  • "The HSC in the Holidays lecture program enabled me to gain a greater insight into what is expected when answering specific styles of questions in the HSC, and the ways in which we can apply our knowledge to the exam question.  Attending the lectures provided me with greater access to additional resources and information from HSC markers and teachers, including booklets with practice questions that had not previously been asked in the HSC.  This, I feel gave me an extra boost of encouragement and I obtained a greater level of confidence within my studies.  The lecturers interacted with individuals and the additional support provided an engaging session, allowing us to learn effective methods of studying content and utilising those skills and techniques when answering particular questions.  I feel the lectures had a significant impact not only on my subject marks and ATAR, but my overall HSC experience, making the program a beneficial and worthwhile platform.”
    Ashleigh | Newtown High School of the Performing Arts | ATAR: 90.50
  • " I feel that the HSC in the Holidays was extremely helpful as it not only gave me extra tools to study more effectively in the periods before trials and the HSC, but it also motivated me to use these tools during the holidays. It was very helpful as it was able to show me which parts of each course I needed focus on and which parts of the syllabus I fully understood.  I feel that the program contribute significantly to my great ATAR result, as it also gave me a wider idea about the state wide competition.”
    Ben | Davidson High School | ATAR: 97.40
  • “The HSC in the Holidays program was exactly what I needed in the lead-up to final exams.  It provided me with a renewal of motivation as well as an invaluable overview of what I had studied over the course of the year.  It was so helpful to talk with the markers themselves about what they want to see and this definitely affected my final results!”
    Caitlin | Barker College | ATAR: 98.10
  • I found having a senior HSC marker to run the lecture was a massive help.  He knew the areas to focus on in the course and pointed out the things students normally find difficult or get marked wrong - making us aware and preventing us from doing the same thing.  He was also able to give us hints as to how to maximise our marks.  On the day the lecturer went through difficult past HSC questions, focussing on longer response questions (6-8 marks) and explained how we can access all these marks in our answers. I found many of the questions we looked at I couldn’t originally complete or interpret on my own.  However, after the lecture, I was much more confident with attempting these difficult questions as I had a new structure to follow.   I also loved how the day didn’t focus on refreshing ourselves on theory (which we could do at home) but rather on explaining the harder concepts that we were struggling with and adapting/learning how to explain these in our answers to achieve maximum marks.   A good chemistry mark is crucial to a good ATAR and hence this day hugely aided to my successful outcome with the HSC.”
    Breanna| Danebank Anglican School For Girls | ATAR: 97.95


  • Isn’t it too late to improve my results?

    Not at all! It’s important to remember that 50% of your final result will be from this last exam. Additionally, your school, or internal, mark will be moderated (positively or negatively) by your performance in this final exam. Every mark in this exam is vital, so the more you can do, the better.

  • Where are these sessions being run?

    All workshops are held at our university partner campuses: UTS (city), Macquarie University (North-West Sydney), UOW (Wollongong) and UON (Newcastle), during the Term 3 school holidays.  Please click here for our timetable

  • What subjects are the workshops being run in?

    All of the major subjects! Please see below a list for each Key Learning Area (KLA):

    English – Advanced and Standard

    Mathematics – Standard 2, Mathematics, Extension 1 & Extension 2

    Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

    HSIE – Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies & Modern History


    Studies of Religion – 1 & 2 unit

    Visual Arts

  • How long does each workshop run for?

    Each workshop runs from 9am – 5pm, including a 45 minute lunch break in the middle, and a short tea break in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

  • What does a sample day look like?

    Sample Day: 

    9-10:45am Topic/Module 1


    11-12:45pm Topic/Module 2


    1:30pm-3pm Topic/Module 3


    3:15pm-4:45pm Topic/Module 4

    Wrap up & evaluation

  • What if I don’t know anyone?

    Most students who attend our programs come by themselves, so our team and our presenters are well experienced in making our workshops a welcoming and friendly environment. Once you’re in your workshop, your teacher will establish a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere to make sure you get the most out of your day.

    If you’re really worried about coming alone, also consider asking a classmate to come along with you.

  • Will you be addressing all new syllabus components?

    The presenters will be covering content specific to each subject’s current (2019) syllabus. If the new syllabus components are relevant to potential examination questions, they will be covered.

  • My school studies specific texts. How will you address these?

    The workshops are focused on examination techniques and strategies. Hence, they are not focused on specific texts but rather how any text should be applied to exam-style questions in order to maximise marks.

    Across the day, presenters will make reference to the most popular texts as examples to demonstrate their knowledge, but this will be applicable to all texts.

    If you would like, you can ask your presenter about your specific texts throughout the day.

  • What if I participated in the July program. Are these not the same thing?

    Our July Trial Preparation Lectures were two hour sessions based on preparing students for the most commonly asked question types in trials/HSC exams. As lectures, these sessions provided little opportunity for students to interact with our presenters.

    The workshops are full-day sessions based on thorough revision of syllabus content prior to exams and practicing exam-style questions with personal feedback. In an intimate classroom of 20-30 students, students will have the opportunity to ask as many questions to our presenters as they wish.

  • What’s the difference between these workshops and other programs offered?

    Our workshops are the only opportunity you have to sit with our team of senior teachers and exam markers for a full day before the exams. The expertise of our presenters specifically about the HSC examination process is second to none.

    While other programs can offer subject knowledge, at this stage of the HSC preparation there is no better program to prepare for exams than with us.

  • Will we receive notes and or materials I can take home with me?

    Your ticket for each workshop includes a comprehensive work booklet for the day, which includes questions, summaries, notes and exemplar answers including and beyond those that your presenter will go through on the day. After the workshop has finished, you are welcome to take this booklet home.

Supported by the major universities, these workshops have proven to be the most successful and effective way to boost your HSC & ATAR



We are so confident that you will receive benefit from attending these workshops, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

If you spend the day participating in all activities and don’t feel that what is covered will help you improve your results, we will refund the workshop cost in full.

For the last 14 years, we have helped over 40,000 students achieve better marks in their final HSC exams!