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How we help our students

  • July HSC Trial Preparation Lectures in 20 pages
  • An all-in-one study app proven to boost your results
  • Online small-group tutoring run by senior HSC Markers

What our students have to say

  • "I really loved having the resources and study notes available - at the start of the course they were so useful when I needed to get a better understanding of the material, then later on they were able to help me work out how to cut down copious notes! The resources were definitely something I'd recommend and they were very useful for studying."
  • "It was a great help with lecturers with a plethora of knowledge and understanding of course syllabuses. It was a great aid in assisting with my HSC success!“
    Kristian | St Aloysius College | ATAR: 93.90
  • "I can confidently say that this program made a notable difference in my HSC mark. The lecture material, the personalised environment, and the highly qualified lecturers combined allowed me to develop a much more holistic appreciation of the topics at hand. The program was especially good at focusing on key target areas that were hurting my marks, and improving them substantially through one-on-one help and relevant resources.  The opportunity to learn in a fresh environment from the perspective of a different teacher was invaluable, in that it allowed me to develop a new way of looking at choice issues and consequently resulted in a much more complex and sophisticated understanding of all of the topics at hand.  The information I received from HSC in the Holidays was vital in allowing me to improve my essays and exam performance to the standard of top mark, and I would highly recommend this program to any student looking to push their marks into the highest possible band."
    Jennifer | NSBC McKellar Campus | ATAR: 99.25
  • "The 'HSC in the Holidays' program equipped me with the resources and a greater understanding of HSC course content, enabling me to excel in my studies.  This program is not one to miss!”
    Emily | ATAR: 93.15
  • "The HSC in the Holidays Program was exemplary in providing me with information, learning techniques and notes that enabled me to enhance my understanding of the content that I needed to know for the HSC and hence provide me with a foundation to go forth and obtain the highest possible ATAR I could achieve.”
    Zachary | Good Samaritan Catholic College | ATAR: 94.60
  • Hearing from the 'insiders' about HSC and being able to summarise and go over topics quickly yet thoroughly was a benefit of the program. I have gained a much better understanding of a lot of aspects of the subject lectures I chose to attend.